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The book

The ultimate companion for both new and experienced Warhammer Age of Sigmar players, this 360-page hardcover book contains everything you need to know to collect, assemble, paint, and assemble Citadel Miniatures of the Mortal Realms to play with them.

Empires of war

The Basic Rulebook begins with the “Realms of War” chapter, an overview of the Warhammer hobby with a brief guide to collecting, building, and painting your miniatures, as well as several ways in which you can use them to make games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar to discharge.

A war without an end

In the first background section, explore the illustrated history of the Mortal Realms to the present day, from the arrival of the God-King of Men to the savage Era of the Beast. It spans three great ages:

  • The Age of Myths, Sigmar's journey through the cosmos, how he met the great dragon Dracothion and his exploration of the eight realms of mortals It tells of his awakening of the other gods, the creation of civilizations, and the fragile alliances that were forged.
  • The age of chaos, which was heralded by the machinations of the chaos gods and their rule over the realm of chaos, from which legions of demons poured out and ended peace.
  • The Age of Sigmar, when the God-King's champions strike back against their enemies in all forms. From the retribution-marked Imperial Gate Wars, which drove the chaos out of many festivals of order, to the apocalyptic necrotic quake devised by Nagash, the god of death, to the dawn of the era of the beast, in which the earthquake god brought hordes of marauding greenskins into the heartlands of the Civilization leads.

Dive into background information on each of the eight mortal realms - Azyr, Shyish, Aqshy, Chamon, Ghur, Ghyran, Hysh, and Ulgu - their connections, descriptions of the indigenous civilizations that rose and fell, key events that occurred , and contain considerable geographical features, as well as details on the realm of Chaos, a nightmarish dimension in which the Chaos gods and legions of appalling abominations live.

Rich in conflict

Learn all about the factions and alliances that fight in the Mortal Realms, each of which has its own gallery of beautifully painted Citadel miniatures, divided into four sections that correspond to their Grand Alliances. Starting with the Forces of Order, you'll gain insight into each of the factions that make up the last bastion of civilization in the Eight Realms (even if they don't always get along) before entering into negotiations with their archenemies of the Forces of Chaos. Nagash's covenant of death, on the other hand, wants to seize every single soul in the realms, while the great covenant of destruction surrenders to its primeval instincts and sets off on a raging march of destruction alongside its new deity Kragnos.

The rules

The first rules section of this book describes the basic concepts you need to fight battles in Age of Sigmar, and familiarize you with line-up, battle rounds, hand-to-hand combat, magic, and more. The rules are presented in a clear and concise manner, accompanied by additional designer notes, making it the most accessible rulebook in Warhammer history.

Once you've digested the basics, here are the three basic types of play and the associated battle plans for each of them.

Free game
Let your imagination run wild, because it is particularly suitable for replaying all the stories or tactical challenges that come to mind, without any restrictions.

  • Contains the Open War battle plan generator, which includes pre-made maps, victory conditions, special circumstances, and lists of wars.
  • The combination of different options enables over 1,200 different open war scenarios.

Balanced game
In the balanced game, the players should meet at eye level, and equal chances of victory are guaranteed by point-based army construction rules and a competitive set of battle plans.

  • Contains additional special rules, including Stealing the Initiative and rules for additional objectives that can be completed either turn by turn or at the end of the battle.
  • Contains much broader and more detailed requirements and restrictions than the other types of play, including restrictions on endless spells, augmented units, and units below the minimum size.

Narrative game
With a revised section of the narrative game rules, let your army walk the path of glory and watch it evolve through the games. Earn fame, gain new skills and even expand your army's territory with no restrictions on how, where and when you play.

  • Contains rules and notes on the 5-step process of starting a "Path of Glory" campaign, including: Faction and Empire choice, initial size and territories, battle line-up, basic upgrade, and first assignment.
  • Provides a guide on how to fight battles against opponents who are or are not participating in a "Path of Glory" campaign.

Unleashed Conquest

The final section helps you depict the myriad of battlefields and endless wars waged by the rulers of the Mortal Realms, including rules for the various, more remote types of battlefields, on, above, or even below which you may go into battle.

It contains three types of games designed to be fun for players including:

  • Siege War - all too often warlords and conquerors in the mortal realms seek to drive out the inhabitants of a territory or city they wish to control, and often such a campaign ends in a brutal, merciless siege.
  • Triumph and breach of loyalty - sometimes duty calls for unrestrained combat against all enemies at the same time, and when that happens these rules can be used to depict battles being fought between three or more factions simultaneously - and all are relentlessly fighting over defeat their opponents and claim victory, but will you be at the top in the end?
  • Tunnel battles - the deadly, personal battle is everyday life in the realms of the mortals, when armies fight in tangled tunnel networks, insidious skaven scurry through the urban sewers and mind-attacking gates open into the unpredictable realm of chaos.

The basic rulebook ends with a handy alphabetical index and a photocopiable "Path of Glory" army summary, battle map, and army list.


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