Aeldari Yvraine

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Yvraine, also known as Daughter of Shadows, is a fearsome warrior and psionic. She was once brought back to life by the power of the angel god of the dead and now serves as his messenger. In battle, she wields the witch’s sword Kha-vir, the sword of suffering, the slightest touch of which can burn an enemy to ashes. The power of the Ynnead manifests itself so strongly in her when she fights, that she lends such strength to the warriors around her that they blur into bloody patterns of violence.

From this kit you can build Yvraine and its Gyrinx companion. She is a respectable fighter and an extraordinary psionic, and her attitude and grace conceal her merciless nature in battle. When her allies die, she draws strength from it thanks to her pact with Ynnead, the angel god of the dead.

This set consists of 19 plastic parts and comes with a Citadel oval base (75 mm x 42 mm). This miniature is unpainted and must be assembled – we recommend using Citadel plastic glue and Citadel Colours.


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