Aeldari Wraithlord

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This superb multi-part plastic kit makes a powerful Aeldari Wraithlord, containing a variety of deadly weapons and upgrades.

A Wraithlord, also known as the Iron Knight, Wraith Giant, and Eldar Dreadnought by the Imperium, is an Aeldari robotic walker from Craftworld known as the Ghost Warrior, which contains no living pilot. Rather, it is just a robotic shell, a repository of the animating soul of a dead Asuryani hero. Wraithlords are graceful yet powerful giants that dwarf their smaller Wraithguard Ghost Warrior cousins.

Extremely valuable for their Aeldari crafting worlds, these great constructs have supernatural toughness as they are made from the psychically active substance called Wraithbone.

Only a true Aeldari hero, brought into being through the necromantic processes of the Asuryani Spiritseers, possesses the psychic powers sufficient to animate a Wraithlord's gargantuan Wraithbone shell.

History abounds with tales of giant statues magically brought to life to defend primeval crypts or avenge ancient injustices. The image of these towering constructs trembling into animation is ingrained in the human psyche and explains the visceral reaction most humans have when they first encounter the Wraithlords.

Each Wraithlord is a graceful statue of Aeldari manufacture, studded with glittering gems and intricate alien glyphs. With a smooth, featureless head slung back by broad, frail-looking shoulders, the inhumanity of the gigantic statue is immediately apparent.

Their armor is adorned with a series of gleaming gems that Imperial scholars believe both propel and guide these daunting constructs.

A Wraithlord's seemingly delicate armor is nearly impossible to breach without the heaviest military-grade weaponry, and in battle they form mobile outposts and lead attacks while leading elite Aeldari warriors against their foes.


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