Aeldari Wave Serpent

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The Wave Serpent is an antigravity armored personnel carrier based on the same design as the Falcon. It is the standard armored infantry transport vehicle of the Craftworld Aeldari.

Armed with double-linked shuriken catapults and another set of double-linked heavy weapons, usually Bright Lances, the Wave Serpent is capable of carrying up to ten Asuryani warriors onto the battlefield in the expanded passenger compartment

The Wave Serpent's energy field projectors create a rippling bow wave of power at the craft's front, interrupting incoming fire and protecting the craft as it continues its assault on the front lines.

This force field can, in extreme cases, be projected outward as a weapon, although this drains the crystal batteries sufficiently to deprive the vehicle of its protective field for a considerable time.

The Rune of the Wave Serpent in the Aeldari Lexicon combines many aspects: the jagged attack, the crushing tide, and the writhing serpent.

Skillfully avoiding enemy fire while wreaking havoc of her own, the Wave Serpent delivers her warrior charge into battle without fear.

This set contains 1 multi-part plastic Aeldari Wave Serpent and includes options for a 2-part Light Lance, 2-part Star Cannon, 2-part Rocket Launcher, 2-part Shuriken Cannon and 2-part Scatter Laser Turret.

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Bester Transporter in der 7th edition
5 from 5

Die Wave Serpent ist für ihre Punktkosten einer der momentan stärksten Transporter. Mithalten können da gerade noch Necron. Jede Eldar Armee braucht ein paar dieser Dinger.

Christopher H., 28.07.2014 Verified purchase
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