Aeldari War Walker

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A war walker is a lightly armored, two-legged, single-person combat walker used by the Craftworld Aeldari. They are controlled by a regular Asuryani Guardian. The War Walker plays an integral role in the Asuryani forces, very similar to that of an Astra Militarum Sentinel. Both are nimble, lightly armored reconnaissance units, although the War Walker is closer in size to the Wraithlord.

War Walker pilots often become emotionally attached to their mounts, and a union of pilot spirit with their machine ensues. This union is aided by the presence of an Aeldari Spirit Stone, which contains the spirit of a deceased Aeldari that has been fused with the Wanderer.

The pilot's unified spirit and individual personality within the Soulstone provide a much sharper focus and deadlier focus in combat, increasing the Rogue's mission effectiveness. The pilot is aided by a variety of advanced support and failsafe systems, including the use of a Soul Gem containing the soul of a skilled Asuryani warrior that has been fused with the walker in certain situations, while an advanced gyroscopic stabilization system and the war's posable legs of the walker allow the walker to traverse even the roughest terrain.

The War Walker wields a pair of heavy Aeldari weapons including a Brightlance, Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Starcannon, or Missile Launcher, giving the Walker the versatility needed to fulfill multiple tactical roles.

To maintain its mobility and maneuverability, the War Walker lacks much armor, though the pilot is protected by a shimmering holofield. This holofield distorts the War Walker's outline and position, providing the pilot with an equivalent level of protection as in a fully armored vehicle of the same size and configuration.

This multi-part plastic kit contains an Aeldari War Walker and parts for crafting a variety of deadly weapons and Upgrades.

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Sehr netter Service, freundlicher Kundenkontakt, Ware wie beschrieben!
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