Aeldari Sturmgardisten

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A Warden is a militia infantry of the Aeldari Craftworlds that fills multiple tactical roles in defending their homeland as needed.

In times of peace, the Wardens carry out their normal civilian role. However, all adult Asuryani are trained in the arts of warfare and can be called to arms if their crafting world is threatened.

It is painfully ironic that in the endless quest for survival by the Aeldari species, the very civilians warhosts fight to protect are all too often forced to take up arms. Each Aeldari is trained and ready to fight as a Guardian if necessary.

On some craft worlds, most notably Ulthwé, Wardens are the most common of all Aeldari warriors. Since the number of dedicated, professional Aeldari troops - the Aspect Warriors - is simply too few in a craft world to meet all threats, these Aeldari, dedicated to a civilian Asuryani path, serve as sentinels in battle and make up the bulk of the Aeldari armies of the artisans.

Wardens are also called upon to pilot and man the majority of the many Aeldari war machines, providing the Warhost with vital armored support and transportation in battle.

Guardian Powers are of two main types; the tactically flexible Guardian Defenders and the attack-oriented Storm Guardians. Both are equipped with Aeldari mesh armor.

Despite the precious nature of all Aeldari life, the brutal economy of war sometimes requires Autarchs to deploy troops for shock attacks and bloody hand-to-hand combat. Though rare among the Warhosts of the Craftworld, the Storm Guardians are warriors ideally suited to the ruthless maelstrom of close combat.

Many Storm Wardens are descended from those Asuryani who once trod the path of the warrior and served with aspect shrines dedicated to hand-to-hand combat. Although they have shed their war masks to forge a new path, they can don them again when the need arises and once again use the deadly melee skills they once perfected.

Armed with shuriken pistols and crystal-toothed chainswords, they wade into the crushing enemy ranks, slashing living blood splatters into flesh. In contrast to the clumsy carnage of the galaxy's other star-faring species, the Storm Wardens' manner of dealing with their foes is one of beautiful violence.

Elegantly balanced chainswords carve gory figure-eights in the air as they find enemies' throats, while the agile Storm Guardians duck and dive through the enemy's misguided fire while blasting their shuriken pistols into their ranks at point-blank range.

Storm Warden Squads are a rare sight but nonetheless effective as they act as assault troops in support of the Craftworld's Aspect Warriors. Though they lack the protection offered by Aspect Armor, they fight with all the dexterity and grace of their kind.

With supernatural speed, their weapons sweep into the enemy, hacking through limbs and joints before their opponents can take a heavy toll. Storm Warden squads invariably need to move quickly and sprint from one hotly contested base to another, and as such they eschew the use of heavy weapon platforms.

Instead, these lightning-fast fighters carry special weapons; They often bolster their close-range firepower with Fusion Guns and Flamers, and some even wield Aeldari Power Swords, allowing Storm Guardian squads to excel in a variety of close-combat roles.

If these squads are small enough to fit in their transport bay, they can ride into battle in a wave serpent, sometimes accompanied by a warlock to provide psychic support.

You can also build this kit as a ranged-focused infantry guard.


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