Aeldari Ranger

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Rangers are the scouts of the Asuryani craftworlds, highly trained survivalists and snipers who can use their long rifles to find the eyes and neck joints of even the most heavily armored enemy troops. The most experienced Aeldari rangers are known as pathfinders.

To defeat the Chaos God Slaanesh's constant claim over their souls, the Craftworld Aeldari or "Asuryani" practice a form of emotional deprivation, narrowing their entire focus to a single craft, perfecting it, and then moving on to another, a system known as the Asuryani path.

However, there are some among them who cannot endure such practices, either because they cannot focus on one path at a time, are stricken with wanderlust, or simply dislike the limitations that Craftworld and the sometimes rigid Asuryani society puts on them .

These Aeldari then choose, or are coerced by their Craftworld peers, to walk the "Path of the Outcasts", an Aeldari wanderer equipped to live off the land and explore far and wide from Craftworld. These lonely Aeldari are the rangers.

Many rangers remain loyal to their craftworlds and the kin that live on them, even if they don't feel the need to live there. When the Craftworld goes to war, they almost always lend their aid, offering to scout and guide enemy forces, using their expert marksmanship to harass and cripple enemy forces and eliminate select targets such as commanding officers in charge and cripple the enemy's control.


  • Ranger Long Rifle – The weapon of choice of the Aeldari Rangers is the Ranger Long Rifle, a long-barreled sniper weapon not dissimilar to the Long Las sniper weapon used by the Astra Militarum snipers. While the Long Las is an upgrade of the humble Lasgun, the Ranger Long Rifle is a more advanced laser weapon designed entirely with the user in mind, perfectly tailored to their sight and grip. While the artificial crystals used in Imperial laser technology have difficulty maintaining a focused beam over long distances, the psychically grown crystals used by the Aeldari are capable of focusing a tight beam over a much longer distance, allowing a skilled user to penetrate weakly can score points in armor at long distances.
  • Shuriken Pistol – These weapons are graceful deathbringers that use sophisticated anti-gravity accelerators to hurl volleys of miniature razor disks, known as shuriken, that literally slice their victims to pieces in mere solar seconds.

This kit makes five Aeldari Rangers, stealthy scouts armed with accurate ranger long rifles, perfect for sniping at key targets. Each ranger has two build options for a variety of poses, including using binoculars and aiming shuriken pistols, while a ranger can be posed to deploy a grim field or wire-woven web. There is a choice of 11 heads for the unit: 3 helmeted, 3 helmeted with hoods on, 3 male heads and 2 female heads. Also includes a shrine to Kurnous the Hunter, an Aeldari deity worshiped by the rangers.

This set comes as 63 plastic components, and is supplied with 5 Citadel 28.5mm Round bases and 1 Citadel 25mm Round base.

These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


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