Aeldari Farseer Skyrunner

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Farseer Skyrunner

A farseer is the most powerful and respected form of Craftworld Aeldari psyker or seer. A farseer was once a sorcerer but is now lost forever on the path of the seer, just as the exarchs are forever linked to the path of the warrior.

A council of the most powerful farseers generally rules a craft world. Farseers have a wide variety of psychic specialties, with divination and premonition being the most common abilities.

They are most commonly known for using their vast psychic powers to see the possibilities of the future, allowing them to manipulate events to better ensure the survival of the Aeldari species after the Fall.

Asuryani on the Path of the Seer learn to harness their powers with complex, psychically sensitive Wraithbone runes. These act not only as prophetic tools, but also as arcane wards, smoldering and burning out when the warp's energies overflow.

With these runes, farseers can learn to discern the course of reality that best suits them and direct their people accordingly. On a personal level, their destiny is set in stone – a curious side effect of the Farseer's obsession with the metaphysical is seeing their physical form eventually transform into delicate psychic crystals.

This multi-part plastic kit contains everything needed to assemble one Aeldari Farseer Skyrunner or one Aeldari Warlock Skyrunner. Elegantly designed for speed and manoeuvrability, with sleek fins and a beautifully embossed carapace, the Skyrunner features two distinct HUD units. In terms of armament, the Skyrunner features a dual-linked shuriken catapult, while the Farseer has two weapon options at its disposal - a witch blade or a singing spear. There are 25 parts to assemble in the box, and the kit comes with a small flying base.


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