Aeldari Dire Avengers

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The Dire Avengers were the first of the Aeldari aspect warriors. They represent the Aeldari war god Khaela Mensha Khaine in his guise as the noblest yet most ruthless warrior. The Dire Avengers show no mercy to their enemies and are unwavering in their devotion to their people.

These warriors are the least specialized and tactically flexible of all the warrior aspects, serving as the elite ranged infantry of the Aeldari armies. The Dire Avengers are also the most common warrior aspects among the Aeldari, and their shrines are the largest found on any Craftworld.

Patient and methodical warriors, Dire Avengers are as furious on offense as they are tenacious on defence. They possess the uncanny ability to read the ebb and flow of battle, much like a sailor might read the sea, riding its waves and using its power to overwhelm an enemy. One moment they might be unleashing a hail of fire before dashing forward into enemy lines, energy weapons drawn, while the next they might be falling back, luring their foe into a carefully prepared ambush.

Dire Avengers take to the field armed with Avenger Shuriken Catapults. These elegant weapons are even more advanced than the shuriken catapults used by the Craftworld Guardians. Their deadly volleys are reminiscent of the Death of a Thousand Blades, the punishment Khaine inflicts on traitors and tricksters unworthy of clean murder.

Each silent salvo of impossibly sharp monomolecular disks is leveled with such pinpoint accuracy that they slice through armor, bone, and flesh with disgusting ease. They have an uncanny talent for knowing when to follow that attack with a lightning fast attack and when to carefully draw the enemy onto their blades. It is rare to find an Aeldari force without a squad of these graceful warriors at heart.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 42 components and an Aeldari transfer sheet with which to build five Aeldari Dire Avengers, or four Dire Avengers and one Dire Avenger Exarch. Add more crates to your cart to build a larger infantry core for your Collection.

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