Adeptus Mechanicus Sydonian Dragoon

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Sydonian Dragoons are seasoned Skitarii warriors of the Adeptus Mechanicus, given the honor of riding to war on revered stilt-legged Ironstrider machines. As these mighty contraptions erupt from their enveloping mists, they strike like a spear thrown by the Machine God himself. These fearless cavaliers smash through enemy fire to charge lance first into the enemy's dense ranks, the pent-up energy of their taser weapons sending the foe back in a blazing storm of sparks. Those foolish enough to counterattack will be hurled across the battlefield or summarily stomped in the dirt by the Ironstrider engine that the Dragoon uses to ride to war. Shouting praise to the Omnissiah, the mechanical knight kicks away the blackened corpses of his victims while already spinning his steed in search of fresh prey.

Sydonian Dragoons stride across battlefields like idols brought to life, charging out of clouds of holy incense to smash sizzling taser lances into scattered foes. In their wake, they leave tattered trails of corpses stretching to the horizon and beyond. Mounted on the marvel of science, the Ironstrider Engine, the Sydonian Dragoons know no doubt or rest. Theirs is the power of endless movement serving the purpose of death.

The first Sydonians settled in a vast crater area of ??Mars shrouded in dense acidic fog. In the fissures that have plagued Mars' past, those with stilt augmetics could track these nebulae and still live, their height allowing them to escape the acid fog's worst effects while remaining hidden from the enemy. The Sydonian Dragoons repeat the tactics of those warrior-explorers of the past. Carrying joss sticks, they march through an ocher cloud reminiscent of ancient Sydonia. Many an enemy was confused by this mist long enough for the Dragoons to launch a deadly attack.

Though the monotask servitor that directs each Ironstrider engine toward the enemy is all but mindless, its driver is a seasoned Skitarii warrior. Once the Dragoon has spotted its prey, it marks it with a bullet from its Phosphor Serpenta or Radium Jezzail. The glow of impact guides his unit's next attack, even in the fog of war. Within moments, one so marked is being attacked by an onslaught of titan-hard feet and highly effective taser weapons.

Tech-priest Aldebrac Vingh was inspired by the stilt-legged seekers of the Sydonian Mask and perfected the Ironstrider engine in the early 33rd millennium. His performance was indeed profound. The strange two-legged contraption he invented is as close to a perpetuum mobile as the Adeptus Mechanicus has ever seen, its efficiency near perfect. The wondrous design acts as a dynamo while the Ironstrider is running, essentially propelling itself. Prototypes are still circling the equator of Mars today. Unfortunately, Vingh, never the most politically savvy of his tech-priest kin, was all but ostracized by his jealous peers and never reaped any reward for his groundbreaking invention.

After his mysterious death, the design secrets behind the Ironstrider engine were lost and the concept of the perpetual motion machine was abandoned. For this reason, today's Ironstriders will never be taken down, lest their relentless machine spirit fade away forever. Thousands are used as mounts in the Skitarii cohorts, their riders being lowered into the saddles of ever-circling striders from articulated cranes overlooking the Iron Stables. Others are channeled onto industrial conveyor belts and gears, where they pound away by the hundreds to power inefficient but far more deadly machines of destruction. This is the way of the Tech-Priest; to weaponize a work of genius, to forge an exquisite design into something no longer understood but nonetheless capable of being reproduced and employed in the Mechanicus' endless war effort.

This 80-piece multi-part plastic kit contains everything you need to assemble either a Sydonian Dragoon or an Ironstrider Ballistarius. The kit also includes a small transfer sheet and a 105mm by 70mm oval base.


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