Adeptus Mechanicus Sicarians

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Sicarian Ruststalker

A Sicarian Ruststalker is one of the gossamer cybernetic assassins of the Skitarii legions of the Adeptus Mechanicus, driven to a bitter lust for murder by the mutilations of their former lives.

Most Sikarians are constructed from the mortally wounded bodies of fallen Skitarii. It is a traumatic and painful transformation that destroys the psychological stability of the recipient. Ruststalkers are often chosen from those who have recovered the worst - lost and desperate souls grateful to be able to unleash their violent rage in the service of the Machine God.

Known colloquially as "shivs" because of the quivering, blurred appearance of their transonic weapons, Ruststalkers can dash across a battlefield with frightening speed and fight with a frenetic energy.

Sicarian Ruststalkers were originally developed as cybernetic assassins sent into the wastelands of the Red Planet to hunt down savage servants and other undesirables excommunicated by the Cult Mechanicus. They proved so effective in their task that they were repurposed and militarised into groups known as "Killclades".

Since that day, the manufacture of Rust Stalkers has spread to all Forge Worlds and troops have fought at the forefront of the Cult Mechanicus' many wars.

The Rust Stalkers of the Skitarii Legions attack their enemies in a stinging, stabbing frenzy. Their transonic blades blur as they shoot and cut like the weapons of gladiatorial knife fighters, the deadly resonances they transmit bypassing armour as if they would offer no more resistance than a hologram.


Sicarian Infiltrators

A Sicarian Infiltrator is a member of perhaps the most sinister skitarii warrior group in the Adeptus Mechanicus, for their neurostatic bombardment robs their victims of their senses. As they hunt, they emit a white noise that fills the visual, auditory and even olfactory spectrums with static, leaving their enemies all but helpless before the killing begins.

Sicarian Infiltrators are tall and lean, making their way across the battlefield with the stilted grace of spearfishing birds. They were not always like this, however, for every Sicarian is far from whole - in mind or body.

As with their Ruststalker brethren, each Sicarian Infiltrator was once a warrior of the Skitarii, destroyed limb by limb, comprehensively burned or otherwise dismembered according to the agenda of the Cult Mechanicus. If these fallen are found still fit to serve the Omnissiah during data collection at the end of a battle, they are not burned, but instead returned to the augmetic plates.

An infiltrator can bypass enemy defences with ease, although this ability is not due to stealth or skill. Instead, it depends on the strength and variety of disruptive wavelengths they emit from their domed helmets and protruding antennae.

As the intruders approach, every sensory apparatus of their prey is bombarded with overwhelming stimuli. Vox transmitters howl with agonised feedback, while vid screens go insane with hissing static. But this paralysing electromagnetic assault is even more effective on natural senses than on artificial ones.

Ears ring with cruel tinnitus, eyes water and turn red, and the taste of burnt metal fills the mouth. It is all the infiltrators' victims can do to remember how to breathe. While their prey covers bleeding ears and squints bloodshot eyes, the Sicarian Infiltrators simply move in close and open fire.

This sensory attack, while broad, is calibrated by the very tech-priest who sanctions these macabre assassins. The Skitarii sent to fight alongside the infiltrators are given null codes that convert the frequencies into harmless songs; to them, the constant barrage of neurostatics coming from each domed helmet is nothing more than a gentle psalm to the glory of Omnissiah

The box contains 5 different cybernetically enhanced, gas mask clad Sicarian Ruststalker heads covered in sensors and data gathering devices to further the quest for knowledge. Now more machine than human, their bodies are encased in pressurised armour. An impressive range of armament options each includes two transonic blades or a charge of chordal claw, transonic razor and grenade pack, making a total of 25 included weapon parts.

This 117-component, multi-part plastic kit contains all the parts necessary to make either five Sicarian Ruststalkers (including one princeps), or five Sicarian Infiltrators, and comes with five 40mm bases.


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