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A Kastelan robot, also known as a Kastelan-class robot, is an ancient and widespread Imperial robot used exclusively by the Legio Cybernetica of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Combining tremendous physical strength with robust endurance, the Kastelan robot has been fighting the enemies of the Imperium of Man for ten thousand standard years. In fact, some of the relic robots of this class have existed for much longer. Because robotic technology predates the founding of the Empire, many Forge Worlds believe that a number of their battle automatons have survived from those dark times.

As damaged robot parts are cannibalised to make repairs to machines that still function, such claims are undoubtedly at least partially true. At around 4.2 metres, the Kastelan is twice the size of a Space Marine and a virtually unstoppable force, being built of solid metal with a ceramic skin that allows it to stride through hails of fire without pause.

Kastelan robots fight in "maniples" - self-contained units that are subdivisions of the Legion - consisting of between two and six combat automatons. The robots have a set of combat protocols that they follow, and each Castelan must be carefully programmed for each new task so that it does not simply continue endlessly with its existing orders. It is not uncommon for a Kastelan to stride purposefully into a lava lake or make its way through a city, even after destroying the techno-insurgents it was sent out to eliminate.

Kastelan robots are equipped with multiple potential weapon loadouts, making them even more versatile. These tech-priests with a penchant for long-range firepower often replace Power Fists with dual-linked phosphor blasters to ensure the enemy is riddled with blistering shots when a manipel's ballistic subroutines are triggered.

The Kastelan robots come with two Citadel roundbases (60 mm), and the Cybernetica Datasmith includes one Citadel roundbase (32 mm).


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