Adeptus Custodian Wardens Vexilus Praetor

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A Vexilus Praetor is a veteran of one of the shield companies of the Adeptus Custodes, the elite bodyguard of the Emperor of Mankind, who carries a proud standard known as the Magisterium Vexilla, or simply Vexilla, to war. More than standards to inspire admiration or terror, a Vexilla's built-in technologies provide invaluable battlefield assistance to the Wardens who fight in their shadow. Each Vexilla is created on Terra and painstakingly crafted over a hundred Terran years by the sworn artisans of Tower Aquilane. Each vexilla is a towering banner crowned with the Imperial Aquila, the ultimate symbol of the Emperor's authority.

Once completed, these beautiful standards are carried amidst processions of Craft Servants, Adeptus Ministorum Priests, and Heraldic Servants to the Auric Eyrie, where they are held on stasis platforms until required. Some vexillas have a purely ritual purpose, being carried in processions and parades across the endless miles of the Imperial Palace. Most, however, contain powerful technologies that are specifically suited for use on the battlefield.

The Adeptus Custodes are a glorious and celebrated force. In the earliest days of the Empire, they marched to war alongside the Emperor himself, putting on a grand spectacle that reflected the majesty of the Master of Mankind. As their weapons and armor have always been designed to reflect their martial glory, so have the proud standards known as vexillas, carried into war by some of the most skilled Wardens.

Only the custodians are allowed to display it as their main heraldic symbol, and its inspiring effect on those around them is nothing short of electrifying. Rising high above the anarchy of the battlefield, the vexilla forms a golden beacon of truth and light that strikes awe in true servants of the Emperor. Beneath the winged shadow of the eagle, even the humblest defender of humanity feels the Emperor's touch upon his soul. Meanwhile, the Empire's enemies cower in dismay; Fear clouds their thoughts and saps their strength at the thought of the Emperor's greatest warriors poised to tear them apart.

Worn by veteran shield companies, these vexillas typically belong to one of several patterns. Most common is the Vexilla Imperius, whose mere presence infuses nearby Wardens with untouchable determination and freshens their limbs. Whether this effect is purely psychological or whether the phenomenon has a crypto-technological aspect is unknown outside of Tower Aquilane. It is enough that it works and works well.


In addition to the Vexilus Praetor, the kit can also be used to build 4 Custodian Wardens or 3 Custodian Wardens and a Shield Captain. The Custodian Wardens can be armed with Guardian Spear or Castle Axe. The Shield Captain has his own shoulder pads, hip armor, helmet ornaments, and misericordia, as well as the standard weapon options.

This kit contains 78 components and is supplied with 5 Citadel 40mm Round bases.


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