Adeptus Custodes Vertus Praetors

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Vertus Praetors

A Vertus Praetor is a member of the Adeptus Custodes, the bodyguard of the Emperor of Mankind, who specializes in rapid offensive action and charges into battle alongside the other members of his squadron on their powerful Dawneagle pattern jet bikes. Seasoned warriors who have seen battle across a hundred worlds, these Wardens know the true value of speed: not just to lead the enemy into battle, but to direct their power exactly where and when it is most needed . Wherever they find their comrades hardest hit, the Vertus Praetors strike like thunderbolts of gold to bolster them.

These aerial warriors act as the eyes and ears of their shield companies, hovering over the battlefield and announcing the enemy's movements. Their automatic senses are optimized for the task, featuring an array of data augurs, optical pincers, and multispectral motion oracles that allow them to spot and track even hidden enemies. With a squadron of sharp-eyed Vertus Praetors circling overhead, a shield captain can rest assured that the enemy has little chance of surprising him.

Each Vertus Praetor is a master fighter, having honed their superhuman abilities in the ranks of the Custodian Guard. They are skilled marksmen, capable of placing perfect deadly shots even while screaming through tangled ruins or dense forests at breakneck speed. Her hand-to-hand combat skills are no less exceptional; A Vertus Praetor can open the throat of a heavily armored enemy in a single pass. They can analyze even the most chaotic conflict on the fly, react with incredible speed to avoid obstacles and overwhelm their enemies, and process developments on the battlefield with breathtaking speed.

The Vertus Praetors' extraordinary abilities are further enhanced by their superior equipment. In addition to being protected by Auramite Guardian armor, these warriors also wield huge intercepting spears. These fearsome weapons are consistently larger than an ogryn and perfectly weighted. Vertus Praetors are masters of hit-and-run strikes, propelling their lances cleanly through their precisely chosen targets before yanking them away as they rush by. The result is as devastatingly effective as it is explosively bloody.

However, the greatest asset available to the Vertus Praetors is their mounts. The Dawneagle Jetbike is an incredible vehicle, a relic of the Great Crusade forged from auramite and adamantium. Almost the size of light fighters, these bikes—while still being grav-skimmers—can reach speeds approaching supersonic speed. Their hulls are phenomenally durable, allowing their drivers to smash through walls and enemy warriors without falling out of their seats, and they react combatively to the slightest touch of the controls and can leap through incoming fire with ease. Armed with hurricane bolters, the Dawneagle can carve bloody furrows through enemy hordes. However, Vertus Praetors really come into their own as lightning-fast tank destroyers when equipped with salvo launchers. They screech across the battlefield, quickly outflanking and circling the heaviest enemy vehicles before destroying them with Melta missile fire. Even enemy planes are not safe, for by combining their fire, the Vertus Praetors are able to weave webs of airborne flak blasts that speeding enemy planes slam into with final results.

With this kit you can build three Vertus Praetors.

This squad offers you quick reaction times on the battlefield as they are all equipped with Jetbikes, the Preators carry Flares and Misericordias, while the Dawneagle Jetbikes can be armed with Hurricane Bolters or Volley Launchers

This kit contains 111 components and includes 3 oval flying bases (75mm) with flying rod


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