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The wasteland is a constantly evolving battleground, with new threats and allies emerging at every turn. As terrifying foes and unexpected friends make their presence known, survivors from all factions must upgrade their weapons, find new allies, and prepare for the inevitable fight to come.

The Brotherhood of Steel has deployed the Order of the Shield, led by Elder Maxon himself, to coordinate their pacification efforts against the Super Mutants. But even with their best efforts, the mutants are relentless, with their Overlords like the bloodthirsty Fist leading the charge. The survivors must dig deep and employ pre-war tactics, including calling upon long-sealed vaults for backup, to stay alive in the face of such aggression.

Unusual alliances are formed, as survivors join forces with new companions to fight for survival. However, even as they battle the Super Mutants, the shadowy Institute is slowly creeping back into the light, deploying synths and covert operations teams to further their enigmatic cause.

To aid in the fight, the Institute Card Pack contains all the rules for units, weapons, and equipment for the Institute Wave. New AI cards, chems, mods, events, dangers, and more are also included, providing a complete experience for expanding the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare game.

Included in the pack are cards for the Institute Core Box, Institute Synths, Institute Covert Operations, Elder Maxon and Captain Kells, Order of the Shield, Overlord and Fist, Super Mutant Skirmishers Expansion, T-51 Power Armor Expansion, Vault Personnel Expansion, and Unusual Allies Expansion.

Please note that due to a printing error, the Institute Card Pack does not contain the Mechanist cards. These cards can be found in the Automatron card pack, and we apologize for any confusion this may cause.

Included in the set are cards for:

Institute Core Box
Institute Synths
Institute Covert Operations
Elder Maxon and Captain Kells
Order of the Shield
Overlord and Fist
Super Mutant Skirmishers Expansion
T-51 Power Armour Expansion
Vault Personnel Expansion
Unusual Allies Expansion

Due to a printing error, the Institute Card Pack contents list is incorrect. This pack does not contain the cards for the Mechanist. Those cards can be found in the Automatron card pack. We apologise for any confusion this may cause.


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