Accessories: Enclave Wave Card Expansion Pack

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The Enclave has arrived in the wasteland, bringing with them multiple power armor variants and heavy weapons, all in the name of reclaiming it for their president. Colonel Autumn and Frank Horrigan lead the charge, ready to bludgeon their way through anything that stands in their way. But the wasteland is not without its own threats, as seasonal migrations and the vibrations of war draw creatures to the fray in increased numbers.

Chitinous Mirelurks skitter and chitter across the sand, seeking prey for their hatchlings and their eggs. Sinister monsters hunt the twilight fogs on the shore, glimpsed then gone, leaving few survivors to tell the tale.

All the rules for units, weapons, and equipment in the Enclave Wave are included in this card pack, along with new AI Cards, chems, mods, events, dangers, and more. This pack contains 45 poker-size and 159 Euro mini cards for the Enclave Core Box, Enclave High Command, Enclave Soldier Set, Enclave Tesla Set, Enclave Hellfire Set, Frank Horrigan, Unaligned T 45 Power Armor, Mirelurks, Mirelurk Hunters, Mirelurk Hatchlings + Eggs, Mirelurk Queen, Fog Crawler, and Lorenzo Cabot.

If you're ready to expand your Fallout: Wasteland Warfare games and face the might of the Enclave and their monstrous allies, this boxed set contains the cards you need.  Are you ready to fight for survival in the wasteland?

Included in the set are 45 poker size and 159 Euro mini cards for:

  • Enclave Core Box
  • Enclave High Command
  • Enclave Soldier Set
  • Enclave Tesla Set
  • Enclave Hellfire Set
  • Frank Horrigan
  • Unaligned T 45 Power Armour
  • Mirelurks
  • Mirelurk Hunters
  • Mirelurk Hatchlings + Eggs
  • Mirelurk Queen
  • Fog Crawler
  • Lorenzo Cabot

Players will need this Card Expansion Pack to use the contents of other wave release boxes!


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