A Twisted Tale

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Venture into a realm of strategic innovation with "Master Titles," offering fresh avenues to explore with your cherished Masters. In the world of Malifaux, this groundbreaking concept allows you to select the version of your Master that resonates with your tactics, transforming their presence on the battlefield.

Delve into the unique abilities of each Master, where every title weaves a distinct narrative and tactical approach. As you navigate their powers, you're given the palette to redefine their identity, molding them into a force that aligns seamlessly with your vision.

This package holds within it:

  • Jack Daw, Ensouled: A figure that embodies the concept of ensoulment. With his Master Title, Jack Daw evolves, reshaping his crew's abilities and tactics. This transformation dives into the realm of the tormented, weaving a tale of darkness and redemption that becomes the hallmark of his playstyle.

  • Auguste Hart: A versatile force whose presence bridges reality and illusion. Guided by Jack Daw's strategies, Auguste Hart transforms into a potent instrument of the tormented. This evolution introduces a synergy that resonates with the very essence of torment, creating a presence that is captivating and enigmatic.

  • Nellie Cochrane, Voice of Disorder: A master whose pursuit of truth is relentless. With her Master Title, Nellie Cochrane takes on a new role as the Voice of Disorder, reshaping her crew's interactions and dynamics. This transformation casts a spotlight on her investigative prowess, weaving it into every strategy and move on the battlefield.

Hailing from the "Guild," "Resurrectionists," and "Outcasts" factions, these evolutions introduce layers to your Malifaux experience. Your choice between Master Titles becomes a narrative tapestry on the tabletop, as you sculpt your crew's Destiny.


  • Jack Daw, Ensouled
  • Auguste Hart
  • Nellie Cochrane, Voice of Disorder


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