A-Stand Candy Cobalt Blue

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In the world of model painting, where every brushstroke and color choice serves as a canvas for artistic expression, A-Stand Candy Cobalt Blue shines as a vivid testament to the power of creativity. This color is ready to infuse your projects with a wave of depth and expressiveness.

Cobalt Blue is much more than just a color; it's a dynamic reflection of calm and depth. When you think of Cobalt Blue, images of deep waters in a serene ocean or a clear night sky filled with stars may come to mind. This shade captures precisely that essence and imparts a depth to your works that is unparalleled. It's not just a blue finish; it fills your models, dioramas, and figures with the serenity and wisdom inspired by the vastness of the seas and the mysteries of the universe.

The versatility of A-Stand Candy Cobalt Blue is remarkable. Whether you're crafting miniature models, creating intricate dioramas, or breathing life into custom figures, this color seamlessly integrates into your artistic journey. It's the perfect choice for infusing a soothing elegance into civilian models, conjuring a mysterious depth in science fiction creations, or bestowing a timeless presence upon your Gundam models.

The application of A-Stand Candy Cobalt Blue is equally impressive. The paint flows smoothly from your airbrush, allowing even the most precise brushwork. The result is a uniform, refined, and professionally executed coat. You don't need to worry about clogs or uneven surfaces. Candy Cobalt Blue provides you with the precision to bring your creative visions to life with fascinating depth.

Once dry, A-Stand Candy Cobalt Blue forms a robust and durable surface that serves as a reliable foundation for your artistic explorations. Applying other lacquers, enamel, or acrylic paints on top is done with confidence, without compromising the integrity of your work. Whether you're adding complex details, experimenting with weathering techniques, or mastering captivating transitions and contrasts, Candy Cobalt Blue remains the stable platform on which your creative journey unfolds.

A-Stand Candy Cobalt Blue is much more than just a color; it's an invitation to unleash your imagination to the fullest. Artists of all experience levels, from beginners to experts, are drawn to its user-friendly nature, ensuring that your projects radiate the deep wisdom of color in all its splendor.

A-Stand products dry to the touch in a short period of time of approximately 30 minutes, depending on the amount of paint applied, ambient humidity and temperature. Allow 1 hour of drying time before the applying other products safely, they will completely cure in 24 hours. The thinner used in these paints and varnishes, like in other lacquer products, are only suitable for airbrush use, not for brush painting.


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