A Light in the Dark

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Amidst the murky depths of Malifaux's twisted landscape, the Neverborn faction emerges as a haunting specter, a realm of darkness and dread that resists the invasion of outsiders. Among its eerie denizens, the Swampfiends rise from the depths, embodying the enigmatic spirit of the swamps.

At the forefront of this uncanny ensemble is Adze, a creature of folklore and nightmare. With wings that seem to cast a shadow over the very stars, Adze soars through the moonlit skies, a creature of both beauty and terror. Its mesmerizing allure draws unsuspecting souls into its clutches, leaving them forever bound to the Neverborn's dominion. Adze's presence is a reminder that the line between fascination and doom is as thin as a whisper on the wind.

Accompanying Adze are the enigmatic Will o' the Wisps, three luminous spirits that dance upon the water's surface. Their ethereal glow illuminates the darkest corners of the swamp, revealing hidden paths to those who dare to tread where others fear to venture. But beware, for the Will o' the Wisps' guidance is a double-edged sword, leading travelers to unexpected fates. They embody the capricious nature of the Neverborn, their actions veiled in mystery and their motives hidden in the depths of their luminescence.

In the heart of the Swampfiend faction, the Neverborn's presence is palpable – a reminder that Malifaux's wilderness is not to be trifled with. As Adze spreads its wings and the Will o' the Wisps weave their ephemeral tales, the very essence of the swamps stirs, intertwining the destinies of those who walk the line between fascination and terror.


  • Adze
  • 3 Will o' the Wisps


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