Eldfall Chronicles

Explore the Expansive Universe of Eldfall Chronicles

Welcome to the world of Eldfall Chronicles, a trademarked tabletop skirmish wargame enlivened by detailed miniatures. This captivating universe is continuously expanding, adding new layers of immersion and strategy to your gameplay experience.

The journey began with the core game, the "Kickstarter 2021 Edition", also referred to as V1. Successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign in 2021, this base game has set the groundwork for all future expansions, ensuring complete compatibility and interchangeability.

Since its inception, Eldfall Chronicles has grown with the addition of the "Wayfarers- Reinforcement Pack", a minor expansion introduced in 2021. This expansion enriches the game's universe by adding 8 new models to the line, providing players with more tactical options and diversity.

The universe is set to expand further in 2023 with the major "Northern Wind" expansion. This dungeon-crawl expansion promises to deepen the Eldfall Chronicles experience, adding more lore, quests, and gameplay dynamics, alongside a new line of miniatures.


Eldfall Chronicles is a skirmish game, set in a fantastical world, where groups of adventurers face perilous dangers and opposition. Players assemble their parties of handpicked individuals hailing from different realms of Calad.

With them they embark on quests, seeking various personal ends, glory, and treasure. In this game you will face both conflict and ancient terror, against which you must depend on your own skill and cunning to prevail.

Alternatively, you can join forces with trusted allies and face the battles together!

Players can enjoy playing solo, test their skills in PvP scenarios, or team up against the game in PvE cooperation Scenarios.

Join the Eldfall Chronicles Adventure

Immerse yourself in the evolving universe of Eldfall Chronicles. Each expansion provides a new chapter in this grand saga, enhancing the game with exciting lore, quests, gameplay mechanics, and detailed miniatures. Your Eldfall Chronicles adventure begins here.

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