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Moonstone is a whimsical fantasy skirmish game for 2-4 players that guides fairytale-inspired characters through the dark lands in search of precious moonstones. Players compete to collect as many stones as possible before dawn breaks, with bloody battles an almost inevitable outcome when such a prize is in sight.

As well as its human population, Tauber is inhabited by mischievous fairies, trickster goblins, rugged gnomes, unruly trolls and stoic giants, to name just a few of the incredible biodiversity that call the place home.

The most valuable resource known to the Taubers are the moonstones, so called because they jut out of the ground unpredictably at night, only to be dissolved by the rising sun. An enterprising leader can earn a king's ransom by digging up the stones before dawn and giving them to the wizards in Grommel's Tower or to their agents. Moonstone TM players must quickly assemble a squad of adventurers to set off and collect the stones. Of course, as news spreads quickly, you might not be the only ones keeping an eye on the price, and unfortunately moody
Conflicts are almost inevitable....

Original card mechanics
Moonstone makes full use of maps and offers strategic and dynamic combat mechanics like no other game on the market.

Wonderful whimsical fantasy
The area surrounding Moonstone is steeped in history and fantasy, inspired by traditional fairy tales and European folklore.

Character based Skirmish
Moonstone uses easy-to-read character cards and is a quick-to-learn yet deep skirmish game that keeps both players constantly involved.

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