Deadzone at Kutami: Dive into the thrilling world of Sci-Fi skirmishes

Welcome to the Deadzone category at Kutami, your online store for tabletop games and miniatures! Discover the exciting world of Deadzone, a captivating sci-fi skirmish tabletop game that offers thrilling battles and strategic depth.

Experience the action of Deadzone

In this category, you'll find everything you need for your Deadzone adventure: from detailed miniatures to expansion sets, as well as painting accessories and gaming mats. Our carefully selected products will delight both newcomers and experienced tabletop enthusiasts.

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  • Extensive range of Deadzone products
  • Exclusive special offers and discount promotions
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Browse through our Deadzone category now and discover the variety of miniatures, accessories, and more. If you have any questions or concerns, our competent customer service team is at your disposal. We wish you lots of fun exploring and shopping!

Discover the various Deadzone factions

The world of Deadzone is shaped by different factions fighting for supremacy in space. At Kutami, we offer you a wide range of miniatures and accessories for each faction, allowing you to build your troops individually and combat-ready:

  1. Enforcers - The elite warriors who stand for order and justice
  2. Forge Fathers - The technologically advanced dwarves conquering space
  3. Plague - A deadly infection that seeks to destroy all life
  4. Rebs - The freedom fighters who rise up against oppression
  5. Veermyn - The treacherous and enigmatic creatures that attack from the shadows

Expand your Deadzone experience

At Kutami, you'll also find numerous expansions and accessories to enhance and improve your Deadzone gaming experience. Discover, among other things:

  • Terrain sets and pieces for realistic and varied battlefields
  • Mission cards and scenarios for exciting and challenging games
  • Token and marker sets to keep track of the game action
  • Carrying cases and storage solutions for the safe transport of your miniatures

Valuable tips and guides for Deadzone players

Whether you're just starting out with Deadzone or are an experienced commander, at Kutami, you'll find helpful resources to enhance your gaming experience. Our tips and guides include:

  • Assembly and painting instructions for miniatures
  • Strategy and tactics guides for various factions
  • Rulebook updates and FAQs
  • Community events and tournaments

We at Kutami are proud to be part of the Deadzone community and want you to share the fascination of this gripping tabletop game as well. Join us and become part of the epic space battles of Deadzone!

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