SPQR by Warlord Games - A Deep Tabletop Experience for Strategists and History Fans


SPQR by Warlord Games is an exciting tabletop game that will captivate history enthusiasts and strategists alike. With a variety of historical factions and units, players can build their own armies and re-enact epic battles that shaped ancient history. In this comprehensive guide, we will take an in-depth look at SPQR by Warlord Games to give you a deeper insight into the game, its factions and its rules.

1.Overview of SPQR by Warlord Games

SPQR is a tabletop game developed and published by Warlord Games. It is a skirmish game in which players assemble their own historical armies from ancient times and compete in turn-based battles. SPQR offers players the opportunity to take control of some of the most powerful factions of the time, such as the Roman Republic, the Carthaginian Empire, the Greek City States or the Germanic Tribes.

2. factions in SPQR by Warlord Games

There are several playable factions in SPQR, all based on historical groups from the ancient world. Each faction has its own unique units and heroes, giving players a variety of tactical options and play styles. The main factions in SPQR are:

  • Roman Republic: The Roman Republic is known for its discipline and organisation on the battlefield. Their units are well equipped and have solid melee and ranged combat capabilities. The Romans are particularly strong when they hold their formations and work together against the enemy.
  • Carthaginian Empire: The Carthaginians are a versatile people consisting of a mixture of African, Iberian and Numidian cultures. Their armies are known for their fast, agile units and powerful cavalry. The Carthaginians are particularly strong when they use their fast units to evade the enemy and launch unexpected attacks.
  • Greek City States: The Greeks are known for their powerful phalanx formation and their well-trained hoplites. Their units are particularly strong in close combat, and they have a selection of heroes that can inspire the battlefield. The Greeks are particularly effective when they hold their formations and wear down the enemy with targeted attacks.
  • Germanic tribes: The Germanic tribes are a fierce and boisterous people known for their fearlessness in battle. Their units are often lightly clad, but they have an impressive mix of close and long range combat skills. The Teutons are particularly strong when they use their fast and mobile units to overrun the enemy and dominate in chaotic close combat situations.
  • Gaulish tribes: The Gauls are a proud and independent people known for their bravery and fearsome warriors. Their units are good at close combat and have strong heroes who can lead their warriors to victory. The Gauls are particularly effective when they use their speed and agility to surprise and overwhelm the enemy.
  • Celtic Britain: The Celtic Britons are a people known for their fierce and unconventional warriors. Their units are often lightly armed and fast, but they have an impressive range of ranged units and cavalry. The Celtic Britons are particularly strong when they use their mobility and deadly ranged attacks to decimate the enemy from a distance.
  • Macedonian Kingdom: The Macedonian Kingdom is a powerful empire founded by the legendary kings Philip II and Alexander the Great. Their armies are known for their tight organisation and deadly phalanx formations. The Macedonians are particularly strong when they use their well-trained hoplites and formidable cavalry to crush the enemy in an orderly advance.
  • Persian Achaemenid Empire: The Persian Achaemenid Empire was one of the greatest empires of the ancient world and was ruled by legendary kings such as Cyrus the Great and Darius I. Their armies are known for their versatility and wide range of units, from heavily armed elite soldiers to fast and agile archers. The Persians are particularly strong when using their variety of units and tactics to confuse and overwhelm the enemy.

3.rules and mechanics in SPQR by Warlord Games

SPQR has an easy-to-understand set of rules suitable for both beginners and experienced tabletop players. The game is based on an activation and reaction mechanism where players take turns to activate their units and perform actions such as moving, attacking or using special abilities. Units have different values for movement, attack, defence and morale, which determine how well they perform in battle and how likely they are to hold up in the face of the enemy.

Battles in SPQR are fought on a game surface designed with terrain and obstacles to create a realistic and tactical game environment. Players must position their units wisely and plan their actions carefully to outwit the enemy and achieve victory. In addition to basic actions such as moving and attacking, players can also use special abilities and tactics based on the individual characteristics of their units and heroes. These skills can have a significant impact on the battlefield and can make the difference between victory and defeat.

4.Army building and customisation in SPQR

One of the main features of SPQR is the ability to build your own army from different units and heroes. Each faction has a variety of unique units available to fulfil different roles on the battlefield. Players must carefully build their armies to ensure a balanced mix of attack, defence and support units.

In addition to units, players can also add heroes to their armies, which grant special abilities and bonuses. Heroes can turn the tide of battle and give players a decisive advantage if used correctly. Choosing the right hero for a particular army and strategy is crucial to success in SPQR.

The customisation options in SPQR also extend to the equipment and armament of the units. Players can equip their warriors with different weapons, armour and items to enhance their combat capabilities or give them special abilities. These customisation options allow players to tailor their armies to their personal preferences and play styles.

5. scenarios and campaigns in SPQR by Warlord Games

SPQR offers a range of exciting scenarios and campaigns that provide players with a varied and challenging gaming experience. The scenarios range from simple battles pitting two armies against each other to complex missions where players must achieve specific objectives or meet special conditions in order to win. The campaigns in SPQR allow players to develop and improve their armies over the course of several consecutive battles, making them stronger and more experienced.


SPQR by Warlord Games is a fascinating tabletop game that will delight strategists and history buffs alike. With a variety of playable factions, detailed miniatures and in-depth rules, SPQR offers a comprehensive and challenging gaming experience. Whether you want to take on the role of a Roman general or lead the ranks of Celtic warriors, SPQR offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of antiquity and replay epic battles that shaped history. Immerse yourself in the exciting universe of SPQR by Warlord Games and experience the fascination of the ancient world in a challenging and entertaining tabletop game.

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