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Mantic Armada at Kutami: Discover the World of Epic Naval Battles

Welcome to the Mantic Armada category at Kutami, your online shop for tabletop games and miniatures! Immerse yourself in the world of spectacular naval battles with the Mantic Armada game series and be inspired by our diverse offerings.

Experience the Fascination of Mantic Armada

In this category, you'll find everything you need for your Mantic Armada experience: from detailed miniatures to expansion sets, as well as painting accessories and game mats. Our carefully selected products will delight both newcomers and experienced tabletop enthusiasts.

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Discover the Various Mantic Armada Factions

The world of Mantic Armada is rich in diverse factions, each vying for supremacy on the high seas. At Kutami, we offer a wide range of miniatures and accessories for every faction, allowing you to build your fleet individually and with great combat strength:

  1. Basilean - The divine warriors protecting their homeland and ideals
  2. Dwarf - The tough and skilled craftsmen dominating the ocean floor
  3. Empire of Dust - An ancient, undead faction seeking to restore its former greatness
  4. Orc - Wild and fierce pirates fighting without fear or mercy
  5. Elf - Graceful and deadly warriors mastering the secrets of magic

Valuable Tips and Guides for Mantic Armada Players

Whether you're just starting out with Mantic Armada or are an experienced captain, Kutami offers helpful resources to enhance your gaming experience. Our tips and guides include:

  • Assembly and painting instructions for miniatures
  • Strategy and tactics guides for various factions
  • Rulebook updates and FAQs
  • Community events and tournaments

We at Kutami are proud to be part of the Mantic Armada community and want you to share in the fascination of this fantastic tabletop game. Join us and become part of the epic naval battles of Mantic Armada!

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