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The Imperial Navy

As a loyal follower of the Imperium of Mankind, you'll love the Imperial Navy. This faction is known for its powerful, heavily armored aircraft and its precision in battle. Discover various models like the Thunderbolt, the Marauder Bomber, and the Lightning Fighter to drive your opponents out of the skies.

T'au Air Caste

If you're interested in advanced technology and tactically challenging gameplay, the T'au Air Caste is the right faction for you. Their aircraft are known for their speed and precise long-range attacks. The Barracuda and the Tiger Shark AX-1-0 are just two of the impressive models you'll find here.

Ork Air Waaagh!

Looking for wild fun and unpredictable destruction? Then you should join the Ork Air Waaagh! faction. With their unconventional and often clunky aircraft, like the Fighta-Bommer and the Blitza-Bommer, you'll be able to strike fear into your opponents while dominating the skies.

Eldar Corsairs

If you prefer the mystery and elegance of the Eldar, consider the Eldar Corsairs. Their aircraft are agile, fast, and possess deadly weapons that leave no chance for your enemies. Models like the Nightwing Interceptor and the Phoenix Bomber will support you in every battle.

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