Core Space

Experience thrilling science fiction adventures in Core Space at Kutami

Explore the depths of Core Space

Embark on a journey through the endless reaches of space and discover the action-packed tabletop game Core Space at Kutami. Build your own crew of smugglers, mercenaries, and adventurers, and explore the depths of Core Space while battling against hostile factions and dangerous creatures.

Diverse factions and characters

In the world of Core Space, numerous factions and characters await you, all vying for supremacy in the galaxy. Choose from a variety of miniatures to build your unique crew and develop your own strategies to triumph in thrilling tabletop battles. Discover the fascinating backstory of the characters and factions and immerse yourself deeply in the universe of Core Space.

Extensive selection of miniatures and accessories

At Kutami, you will find a large selection of highly-detailed miniatures, game sets, and accessories for your Core Space collection. Discover figures of brave captains, dangerous aliens, and impressive spacecraft to enhance your tabletop experience. Expand your game with new miniatures, terrain, and accessories to continue exploring the unknown depths of Core Space.

Create your own stories and missions

Core Space offers a flexible gameplay system that allows you to design your own stories and missions. Use your creativity to craft captivating adventures and challenge your friends in exciting tabletop battles. Develop your characters and crew and gain experience to survive and thrive in the dangerous world of Core Space.

Visit us today at and discover the fascinating world of Core Space. Experience thrilling science fiction adventures as you explore the endless reaches of space and prove your skills in exciting tabletop battles. The depths of Core Space are waiting for you – embark on an unforgettable adventure today!

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