Grand Alliance Destruction

Grand Alliance of Destruction

The Grand Alliance of Destruction, also known as the Forces of Destruction or just Destruction, is the collection of mortal armies and peoples of the Eight Realms, akin in culture and methods to natural disasters - they rise like a living hurricane, and invade their rip through the Mortal Realms, bringing chaos and ruin.

They live for war and to take what they want. Though inherently anarchic, Armies of Destruction have at their core most of the tribes of barbaric, savage humanoids known as Orruks, Grots, Gargants or Ogors.

The Orruks are brutal, green-skinned humanoid warriors so warlike that they turn on each other when no enemy can be found. Their smaller and treacherous cousins, the grots, prefer more sophisticated warfare and are notorious for sneaky and sneaky attacks.

The stocky Ogors are driven only by gluttony, for though they devour everything in their path, they are always hungry. Within these hordes march ravenous beasts without number.

The gigantic gargants of the Sons of Behemat tear down everything in their path.


  • Ogor Mawtribes - The great hosts of the Ogor kind worship the swallowing god.

  • Orruk Warclans - Sometimes disparate Orruk factions join forces to form unstoppable Orruk Warclans and trample the civilizations of the Mortal Realms to dust.

  • Gloomspite Gitz - The fungoid followers of the Bad Moon came in many forms, be they Moonclan or Spiderfang grots, or the large and terrible troggoths or gargants that accompany them.

  • Sons of Behemat – The giant Sons of Behemat crush everything in their path. With their charge, a group of Gargants can destroy an entire battle line while suffering only wounds.

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