Afrikakorps, German Infantry 1941-43

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The Afrikakorps were first sent to help the Italian forces against the British in Lybia in February 1941. They fought with great skill until their last stand in Tunisia in 1941. These miniatures can also be used for German infantry fighting in Italy, Sicily and around the Mediterranean up until 1945. This box allows you to build a platoon (or Zug) plus command.


  • 38 Hard Plastic multipose Figures
  • 3 types of head gear (steeel helmets, tropical cork helmets and field caps)
  • choice of weapons( MG 34’s, anti-tank rifles, 50 mm motars, MP 40’s, Kar 98’s, etc)
  • additional 20 mm circular bases
  • 40 mm square bases for weapons teams
  • organisational information


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