8th Army 6 pounder ATG

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The QF 6-pdr was the extremely successful replacement for the 2-pdr and was copied by the Americans as the 57mm M1 gun. Its service life was extended by new ammunition developments that improved its armor-piercing capabilities and allowed it to flank-hit Panthers and Tigers.

Although supplemented by the 17-pdr, it was never fully replaced and continued to serve in infantry units long after the war ended. The 6-pdr replaced the 2-pdr as the standard weapon in British tanks when it became available, but even when it did a replacement was sought. Although HE shells were available, the limited charge size meant they were relatively ineffective, making the 6-pdr less than ideal as a tank gun and leading to the development of the 75mm gun used in British tanks such as the Cromwell and Churchill . The QF 6-pdr used by the British Air Forces had a special carriage that allowed them to be towed like light anti-tank guns.


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