8th Army 2 pounder AT

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At the outbreak of war, the QF 2-pdr (QF stands for "Quick Fire") was the British Army's standard anti-tank gun. It was an appropriate weapon for the time, being slightly more effective in terms of armor penetration than the contemporary German 37mm PaK 36. However, it was larger and heavier, and used an unusual carriage that required the wheels to be removed , before it could fire . It performed well against the early tanks, light vehicles, and poorly armored Japanese tanks, and was popular and successful in France, North Africa, and the Far East.

Although rapid improvement in German armor made its replacement in Europe inevitable, it lingered longer as a soldier against the Japanese and in light vehicles such as armored cars, whose realistic defense against enemy tanks was rout. As a side note, the BEF lacked enough 2-pdrs and was therefore partially equipped with French 25mm Hotchkiss anti-tank guns, which can be illustrated by the same entry for players with BEF forces.


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