3G Set Blue Plasma And Glowing Effects

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Within this collection, a palette of colors has been thoughtfully curated, each a key to unlocking the allure of luminosity. With four distinct tones at your disposal, your artistic journey to master the craft of painting breathtakingly realistic and awe-inspiring effects becomes effortlessly attainable.

Embark on an artistic odyssey with 3Gen, an acrylic revelation that empowers your brush or airbrush to conjure tales of ethereal brilliance. As each stroke or spray dances upon the canvas, witness the harmonious blending of pigments, creating transitions that mirror the enchanting dance of light in the night sky. From the delicate touch of illuminations to the finesse of glazing, you hold the tools to weave a world of radiant enchantment.

And should your aspirations lead you to the realm of airbrushing, rest assured that 3Gen adapts seamlessly, retaining its vibrant intensity and steadfast coverage. It becomes your artistic accomplice, turning challenges into triumphant showcases of skill.

In the face of creative obstacles, remember this principle: Transform problems into innovative solutions. Embrace the elegance of simplicity, allowing your creative genius to shine through. Let this collection be your guiding star as you venture into the art of crafting plasma and radiant blue effects. Within this Third Generation set lies not just pigments, but the very essence of illuminating artistry. It's your invitation to transform artistic challenges into radiant demonstrations of the power of simplicity.

The set contains:

  • AK11177 DUCAT BLUE
  • AK11175 SKY BLUE

Tutorial available in the QR code.


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