3G Set Basic Skin Colors

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Within this collection lies a meticulously curated spectrum of colors, each imbued with the power to transform your artistry. With a palette of four essential tones, your artistic journey to master the intricacies of human complexion has been made seamless.

Embrace the evolution of artistry with 3Gen, an acrylic revelation that elevates your brush into a conductor of realism. As you wield this medium, watch as each stroke seamlessly blends, crafting transitions that dance like whispers across the canvas. From subtle illuminations that kiss the skin's surface to the ethereal technique of glazing, every aspect of flesh's complexity becomes your canvas.

Even as you contemplate the airbrush realm, fear not, for 3Gen adapts with grace, holding onto its vibrant intensity and steadfast coverage. It is the artist's ally, transforming potential pitfalls into triumphant solutions.

Amidst every creative challenge, remember this philosophy: Transform problems into triumphs. Keep your approach refreshingly uncomplicated, allowing your craftsmanship to take the spotlight. Let this collection be your compass as you navigate the nuances of flesh tones. Within this Third Generation set lies not just colors, but a conduit to master the art of lifelike depiction. It's your invitation to turn creative hurdles into victories of artistic prowess.

The set contains:

  • AK11093 BRICK RED
  • AK11102 DEEP BROWN

Tutorial available in the QR code.


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