3D Printed Set - Micro Rivets - Hexagon

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Miniature Nails and Bolts for Model Building

In the realm of model building and miniatures, miniature nails and bolts play a crucial role in simulating the appearance of connections and joints. These small raised elements are commonly found on various objects such as AFVs, civilian vehicles, airplanes, and structures, enhancing the level of detail and realism in models.

With micro-nails, you can mimic the look of real connections and add authenticity to your models. Depending on the scale, materials used, and personal preferences of the model builder, their representation may vary. They are particularly popular in customizations of Gunplas, Gundams, and all kinds of futuristic robots, as they add intricate details to these imaginative creations.

Even in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the Orks have recognized the value of a tiny nail in their projects for constructing machines and other scenic elements. Orks rely on their unique technological abilities fueled by "Waaagh!" energy, a belief system where the collective faith in the effectiveness of something makes it work. This allows the Orks to create functional machines and structures despite their primitive construction methods.

The use of these miniature nails perfectly aligns with the Orks' style of building, using recycled materials to create sturdy structures. These nails provide additional stability and reinforcement, ensuring the Ork structures can withstand the violent demands of war.

Creating Your Own Nails and Bolts

You can create your own nails and bolts using our silicone mold and any type of putty and resin. This offers maximum flexibility and creativity in designing your models.

3D-Printed Miniature Hexagonal Slotted Nails

For model builders and Warhammer enthusiasts looking to enhance their projects, a set of 3D-printed miniature hexagonal slotted nails in various sizes is now available. These high-quality resin elements enable model builders to add intricate details to their kits, bringing them to life.

Each set from Green Stuff World includes over 130 nails, allowing you to delve into the art of miniature and model building customization.

Please note that this product is delivered unpainted and is ideal for 25-28-35 mm miniatures (1:76, 1:48, 1:35 scale).


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