02 Hundred Hours Operation Torchlight

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The "Operation Torchlight" expansion set for "Hundred Hours 02" brings a breath of fresh air to the game with new models and 24 unique cards. This expansion even allows you to use Royal Marine Commandos in your missions!

In this thrilling scenario, the top-secret Special Operations Executive (SOE) enters the scene and assembles teams of experts for the most dangerous missions. A brave SOE agent has received information that an RAF pilot is missing and has important reconnaissance photos with him. The famous Highland Major, known for his excellent tracking skills, has selected a unit from the Royal Marine Commandos for the rescue mission. To create an explosive diversion, an experienced explosives expert is called in, while an SOE assassin specializes in eliminating targets quickly and quietly.

These new models and cards open up completely new tactical possibilities in "Hundred Hours 02". The cards make it possible to use special abilities and actions to make the missions even more exciting and bring about unexpected twists and turns.

Are you ready to take on the most dangerous missions of the Second World War? With the expansion set for "Hundred Hours 02" you can put your skills and strategies to the test and plunge into the exciting world of the Royal Marine Commandos and SOE agents. Will you recover the missing information and successfully complete your mission?

This set contains:

  • 5 metal character miniatures:
  • Explosives expert
  • Downed RAF Pilot
  • Highland Major
  • SOE Operative
  • SOE Assassin
  • 12 multi-part plastic miniatures
  • 4 RM Commando metal heads
  • 11 Recruitment Cards
  • 11 Veteran Cards
  • 2 Command cards
  • 24 plastic bases

All cards are new and add unique options and tactics to the game!

Models are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints are not included. Contents may differ from photos.

To be able to play, you need the 02 Hundred Hours Starter Set.


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